Nicki Minaj Hides Potential Pregnancy From Paparazzi At Airport [PICS]

New photos of Nicki Minaj sporting a possible baby bump while walking around an airport are only adding fuel to the rumors that she’s pregnant with the baby of ex-boyfriend Nas.

By austind03 on April 4, 2018
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(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj has been avoiding the spotlight in recent months. While there are many ideas as to why she’s keeping a low profile, many believe she’s hiding a pregnancy…

According to MTO News, speculation is rampant that the rapper is pregnant with the baby of her alleged ex-boyfriend, Nas. Things only escalated after paparazzi recently spotted the rapper sporting a possible baby bump while walking around an airport.

Wearing loose, all-black clothing, the star definitely looked like she could have a bun in the oven. Multiple fans added fuel to the fire on social media, saying:

“Nicki Minaj is pregnant! Or was pregnant, I swear. Ironically, She literally looks like Janet Jackson when she was pregnant. She gained weight and she’s glowing 😲😍😇 ”

“did y’all know nicki minaj was pregnant ? cause it ain’t going viral and i wanna kno why”

“I feel like Nicki Minaj got pregnant by Nas 🤷🏽‍♀️”

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However, others believe that Minaj might be keeping private because she’s in the process of going through rehab. Some reports claim that the rapper is trying to kick a Percocet addiction, and that may have lead to a weight gain.

Regardless, we wish Nicki Minaj the best with everything she’s up to and we hope she’s doing well.

Head right here to learn more and to see the photos for yourself. Also, let us know in the comments if you think she’s pregnant or if these are just unflattering shots.

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