Nickelodeon Is Reviving Double Dare

The 90s Nickelodeon game show “Double Dare” is officially coming back, and we’re totally geeking out about it!

By nowproducerdave on April 26, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Remember “Double Dare” from the 90s on Nickelodeon? It’s coming back! The slime, slippery, obstacle-course game show was so much fun to watch when I was growing up. You wanted to get your family and/or friends on the show too, right? The basic premise of the show was like any game show, really. Two teams competing against each other, answering questions on various topics. Teams would then have to compete in various challenges, like running on giant hamster wheels, various “fill the cup” challenges, and overall just a lot of messy competition. Especially when that green slime (called Gak) got flowing. It was always an absolute blast to watch, and we dreamed of being on the show despite that mess.

The original show was hosted by a guy named Marc Summers, who actually suffered from OCD. Ironically, on a show designed to make massive messes, it really stressed him out. He later went on to overcome most of his OCD, but it was so bad at times that as soon as the broadcast was over, he’d have to leave the set and change his clothes. That green slime they would drop got everywhere. See more info on his OCD and current career here.

There are plans that the show “will feature appearances from blasts from the past, long-time ‘Double Dare’ fans and stars from today.” We’re not totally sure if that means Marc Summers will return, but it’s entirely possible. He’s still working in the TV industry (a lot recently for Food Network), so maybe we’ll be seeing him again! We’re also curious if previous show competitors will be back with their families for a “Family Double Dare” type of show. Here’s some more info on the return, and the official website is here. Are you interested in watching the return?

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