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Nick Jonas In A New Movie, Talks To Mark S. Allen

Nick Jonas wrote a couple songs for the new movie ‘Ferdinand,’ and also had to answer to kicking the back of Mark’s chair during a movie.

Nick Jonas has been in several movies, some TV shows, and has had a wildly successful music career. He’s adding to his resume with a movie soundtrack now. In the new movie “Ferdinand,” Nick wrote and performed a couple songs used on the soundtrack. The animated movie is a sort of “mistaken identity” plot. Ferdinand the bull (voiced by John Cena) is thought to be a dangerous animal and he’s captured, taken from his home and family to be used for bullfighting. In reality, he’s really just a gentle giant and desperately wants to get home, making friends and building a team along the way.

Nick talked to Mark S. Allen about where he drew his inspiration for writing the songs for the movie, saying that he tried to think of where he feels most accepted, loved, and comfortable. For him, that was home with his family, which made him come up with the song “Home” for the movie. Oh, and Nick also had to answer to Mark about that time he was kicking Mark’s chair in a movie theater:

The movie “Ferdinand” is opening next week, December 15th.


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