Niall Horan Helps One Direction Tie The Beatles

Niall Horan has become the third member of One Direction to debut a solo album at #1, and that ties the record the Beatles set.

By kmvq on November 10, 2017
(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

The Beatles held the record for having three of the members at #1 as solo-acts. Niall Horan just released his solo album “Flicker,” and it hit #1 on Billboard’s top-200 album chart.

Niall sort of feels humbled by the news. He says “The Beatles are The Beatles (hinting at their legacy and massive fan-following),” and says that it’s “unbelievable” to find out that he and the other One Direction guys have matched that record. “It’s hard to really put into words how to even react to that.”

There’s no doubt that The Beatles were a super successful, super popular band, and that 3 of the members went on to release solo-albums at #1, and the fact that these young guys are already matching those records, that’s incredible, and really is still the beginning of their careers, if you think about it.

As for as the whole group, One Direction had just 4 #1 songs, where The Beatles had 19. Can’t beat that record, but they still have one more former member who can go #1 as a solo act..


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