The Next ‘James Bond’ Movie With Ed Sheeran? [VIDEO]

Ed Sheeran wants to be in the next – or any – Bond movie. Ed says that he’s already written the next ‘James Bond’ theme song, but they haven’t even asked him to.

By nowproducerdave on December 18, 2017
(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Ed Sheeran wants to be in the next – or any – Bond movie. He’s even written a theme song, although he wasn’t asked (yet). We’ll explain. Also, nod to Ed Sheeran’s ugly Christmas sweater. Hooray Star Wars!

Ed Sheeran is a huge Bond fan. Many of the recent Bond themes have been written by Brits like Adele and Sam Smith. Ed wants to be on that list too. He was on “The Late Late Show” (in Ireland, not James Corden’s show) talking about it. He says he wrote a theme song “about three years ago, just in case.” Basically, he’s got a song sitting idle, just waiting for the next Bond movie producers to ask him for it. If anything, you can’t say that Ed doesn’t come to the table prepared to go, right? Here’s Ed talking about it:

This really makes me wonder just how many songs artists have that are unreleased. We know Michael Jackson and Prince both had a TON of music they never released that was found after their deaths, but just how common is unreleased music? Hmm, curiosity.

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