New Taco Bell “Diablo” Chips Come With Heat Warning Labels

Taco Bell has just announced their new flavor of tortilla chip, with the new spicy Diablo chips being so hot that the chip bags are covered with warning labels.

By NathanG on October 1, 2018
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Taco Bell)

Taco Bell has revealed their latest creation: tortilla chips based off of their infamous “Diablo” hot sauce packets. The restaurant is looking to turn up the heat with their new bags of these spicy chips.

According to Bustle, the chips are supposedly so hot, that the bags they’re in have multiple warning labels. Just like the hot sauce in the Taco Bell restaurants, these new chips boast an extra kick from the combination of hot peppers and hints of lime. Bustle reports that the chips themselves have a bit of a slow burn, with the real heat kicking in after a few seconds.

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These new spicy snacks join the ranks of Taco Bell’s other chips, alongside the “Fire”, “Mild”, and “Classic” varieties. Like these other flavors, the Diablo chips are not sold at Taco Bell locations, but can be found at participating 7-Eleven locations. The chips will reportedly be sold at the convenience stores throughout October, and then be moved to a wide release to other retailers through November.

The Diablo Tortilla Chip are also made with customers, who have special dietary needs, in mind. The chips are both vegan and kosher, as well as gluten-free. Fans looking to get their hands on these super spicy chips may need to hurry, as these special edition chips will only be available for a limited time.

Will you be picking up these ultra spicy chips to try them out?

To read more about these extra hot chips, and see them in all their glory, click here.


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