New Photo Trend – Men With Beards Looking Up

“Men with beards looking up” is a whole new weird social media photo trend, and we’re not totally sure how to feel about beards now.

By nowproducerdave on June 4, 2018
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

You know how sometimes someone will post a funny photo, and then it just takes off? Someone else will try to one-up the first person, then on and on until it’s a trending button. That’s sort of what happened here with “men with beards looking up.” So, guys who have beards simply tilt their heads back and look up towards the sky. Seems simple enough. The reason they’re doing it is because of how it then looks. See, the beard turns into the hair of a weird looking face. Especially when sunglasses are added. Here, we’ll let a couple of the pictures speak for themselves.

So yeah, for your entertainment. If you’re into guys with beards, maybe you’ll enjoy this. However, if you no longer like guys with beards after seeing these pictures… Well, we’re sorry. Either way, we can probably expect a few more days at least of new photos being posted, so whether you enjoy it or not – brace yourselves. Or at least be aware they’re out there. Here’s a whole collection for you.

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