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New Job Will Pay You To Live On Greek Island And Watch Over Cats

A new job position is being offered, that will have the candidate living on a Greek island and taking care of cats.

A new dream job for cat-lovers has been announced! The lucky job candidate will have the opportunity to stay on a picturesque Greek island, while taking care of and becoming friends with the cats at the feline rescue located on the island.

According to CosmopolitanGod’s Little People Cat Rescue, is seeking a new cat caretaker. Based on the Greek island of Syros, the shelter is offering a part time position to watch over the 55 rescue cats that call the island their home. The part-time paid position also includes free housing accommodations, through the sanctuary manager’s house. The house is reported to have a lovely garden, where the cats love to mill around and relax, and a clear view of the Aegean sea.

To be considered for the position, potential candidates are preferred to have a strong love of cats (naturally) and enjoy nature and time spent outdoors. Cosmopolitan reports that the job requires a long-term commitment after being hired, with the caretaker starting work on November 1, 2018. It will also require 2-3 weeks of volunteer work, which will double as a trial period for the resident cats to grow comfortable and connect with the new caretaker. Cat lovers and cat whisperers are encouraged to apply and show what they’ve got.

For more information on the cat-lover’s dream job and how to apply, click here.


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