This New Job Will Pay You $200 Just To Take Naps

Mattress Firm is offering the chance to get paid to take naps and test out their new mattress.

By NathanG on July 30, 2018
(Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

Wishing you could get paid for all the times you’ve “accidentally” fallen asleep at work or in school? If so, Mattress Firm may have the perfect job for you with their opening of a new position as a “Snoozetern”. The job requirements for this position are the ability to take a nap and then just report on the quality of sleep. For your trouble, the company will pay you $200 a week.

According to Cosmopolitan, this is a brand new position opening up with Mattress Firm. Their job listing states that the Snoozetern will work part-time in the Houston headquarters as the in-house bed-tester. While on the job, they will be responsible for testing the “nap-ability” of different mattresses and then posting reviews on the Mattress Firm social media accounts. Additionally, the person in charge of this position will be responsible for hosting Facebook Live events, snapping pictures around the head quarters for Instagram, and creating videos documenting the experience.

Hopeful applicants can submit their entry for this open position, then post a creative video on Youtube explaining why they would be the best possible Snoozetern. Mattress Firm will then decide on the top three finalists, with these hopeful nappers having their videos posted to the official Instagram account. These videos will then be judged by Mattress Firm followers, with the fan favorite winning the title of official Snoozetern for Mattress Firm by August 10.

For more information on this dream job, as well as directions for applying, click here.

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