New Dating Trend Alert – ‘Gatsbying’

There’s a new dating trend in which someone posts a selfie online to attract the attention of a crush (rather than just, you know, texting or something).

By nowproducerdave on June 22, 2018
(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

“Gatsbying” sort of defines itself, in an “eh, kind of” kind of way. If you’re familiar with “The Great Gatsby” (the story, not just the Leonardo DiCaprio movie), you know the story. A guy wants to be with this woman, so he gets himself out of poverty and into wealth. He grows a massive empire and throws lavish parties. Anyway, no, the dating trend isn’t exactly like that.

“Gatsbying” is more of a “front.” It’s when people are trying to get the attention of someone specific on social media. The pictures they post are of themselves in some sort of fun environment. According to one person writing about the trend, she gave the example as follows.

Gatsbying, To Gastby vb or n

To post a video, picture or selfie to public social media purely for a love interest to see it.

Basically you’re just posting a fancy selfie to see if someone you like sees the picture. You hope they notice how much fun you are. They would certainly like to know you if you appear to be at all the best parties with the most popular people, right? You hope they do, and you hope they like it. “Gatsbying” is a classier version of the “scantily clad pics online to cast a wide net for dehydrated admirers” post. These are designed to attract the attention of one person specifically, not a general audience. Though everyone else will still see it, I guess.

Why not just pick up the phone or text someone you like? That wasn’t rhetorical, I’m actually asking. Anyway, see some more info on the trend here.

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