New ‘Bewitched’ Revival With Modern Twist May Be In The Works

A new pilot has been ordered, for a TV reboot of the 60’s comedy ‘Bewitched’.

By NathanG on August 24, 2018
(Photo by ABC Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

Another classic show may be getting its own reboot in the near future. Fans of the classic 60’s show, Bewitched, could see a modern re-imagining of the show from ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television.

According to Variety, the pilot for the reboot is set to be written and produced by Kenya Bariss, the creator of ABC’s hit comedy series, Black-ish. Bariss will, reportedly, be also working alongside Black-ish writer, Yamara Taylor, on the new Bewitched series.

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This new series is being penned as a half-hour, single-camera production, that will follow similar premises of the original 60’s comedy. Like the original, the reboot will focus on the relationship dynamics between a magical witch and her mortal, ordinary husband. The modern retelling, however, will feature the two as an inter-racial couple.

The character of Samantha, the witch, will be played by an African-American woman and the mortal husband, Darren, will be played by a white man. The show will seek to explore these modern dynamics, in addition to the original comedic differences of a magical and mortal relationship.

No official date has been set yet for the pilot, set to premiere on ABC. For more information about the new comedy reboot, click here.

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