Need A Face Mask? The Sacramento Mask Marketplace Has Re-Opened

Locals who’ve lost their jobs creatively turn to sewing thousands of masks for front line workers and those in need.

By bonneville on April 29, 2020
(Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images)

There are many ways to help small local businesses struggling right now because of the global shutdown caused by Covid-19, one way is purchasing a face mask created by local creatives. The Atrium, a local Nonprofit Organization serving the city of Sacramento has re-opened its mask marketplace according to their Instagram post.

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These masks are proudly made in Sacramento, by local creatives. Mask makers created a variety of styles and colors now available for purchase with fulfillment within a business day from according Mask prices range between $10-$21, depending on the style and layering. Creatives use the funds from masks on this marketplace to make FREE masks to those on the front lines and those in need and don’t have. See more HERE!

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