Most Popular ‘Hall Pass’ Celebrities Ranked

A website asked its users to rank which celebrities they’d like to most hook-up with, and the results are in, with handy infographics.

By kmvq on November 10, 2017
(Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)

Basically, a website took a poll asking users to rank their celebrity “hook-up” preferences, and the results are in. Kim Kardashian topped the list for female celebrities, and George Clooney topped the list for the guy celebs.

The survey took place over on SleepCupid, and they got answers from about 6,000 people all over the world. Speaking of all over the world, results differed for different countries. Here in America, Kim K and George Clooney were on top of the list, but in the U.K., no surprise they’ve gone Royal, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. Canada? Avril Lavigne and Ryan Reynolds. In Australia, Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman.

The top-7 list (from America, anyway) is just below. These are the celebrities that regular people said they would like to hook-up with:
Guy’s answers:
7) Sofia Vergara
6) Kaley Cuoco
5) Beyonce
4) Ariana Grande
3) Mila Kunis
2) Scarlett Johansson
1) Kim Kardashian

Ladies’ answers:
7) Colin Farrell
6) Matt Damon
5) Leonardo DiCaprio
4) Robert Downey Jr.
3) Denzel Washington
2) Johnny Depp
1) George Clooney

Is your pick on the list? Do you agree with the list? Let us know! And for the lists from other countries are available here.

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