Who Were The Most Polite Stars Of 2017?

A NOW artist made the list of top-10 most-polite celebrities in 2017, recognized for being such a great role model. Can you guess who it is?

By nowproducerdave on January 4, 2018
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Everyone has some kind of celebrity story to share. “Oh, so-and-so was at a coffee shop when I wan in NYC, and he was an absolute tool,” or “*celebrity* accidentally bumped into my friends cousin in New Zealand and apologized profusely and bought his lunch,” or any other variation of stories. Nevermind good days or bad days, a list was published that lists the top-10 most polite celebrities of 2017.

The list was calculated by a group called The National League of Junior Cotillions, and according to their website, they teach kids ballroom dancing and other sort of “manner” classes, like how to “act and learn to treat others with honor, dignity, and respect for better relationships.” Anyway, they picked their list by looking at celebrities’ overall behavior, like how they act in public, how they react to things that happen, or how they’ve helped the community. More info on each selection can be found on the NLJC website here.

First on the list was pro-golfer Rickie Fowler. They say that he has “consistently well-mannered conduct both on and off the golf course.”
Gymnast Aly Raisman came in second position for demonstrating “dignity and courage in coming forward as a victim of abuse.”
Third was Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Despite having “less than mannerly conduct” at times, he was commended for “publicly admitting he was wrong,” and he also made some big donations for hurricane Harvey victims.
04) Joanna Gaines
05) Sadie Robertson, from “Duck Dynasty”
06) David Beckham, retired pro soccer player
07) Selena Gomez (no surprise she’s on the list, really)
08) Country music star Thomas Rhett
09) Another golfer, Matt Kuchar
10) Meghan Markle, actress and soon to be royalty.

Check out all of their reasons and a little more about how they made their selections right here.

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