Meghan Trainor Stopped Drinking To Save Her Voice

Meghan Trainor talked about everything she’s been through with multiple surgeries on her vocal cords, and how she’s saving her voice.

By nowproducerdave on March 16, 2018
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Your voice is a very important thing when you’re a singer. Many of us maybe get a raspy voice after a cold, or after we’ve spent the day talking, or even just because we were busy and didn’t drink as much as we should have that day. You can’t do that when you’re a singer like Meghan Trainor; you have to keep your voice in tip-top shape.

That’s why Meghan Trainor had to cancel her tour back in 2015 – because of a hemorrhaged vocal cord. Which was really unfortunate (in any situation), but here because it was only one year after she dropped her first huge hit song, “All About That Bass.” The surgery she was required to have caused her to have to cancel her tour that year. She was just 21 years old then. After that first surgery, she started learning how to save her voice. “I’m more aware of my voice… I know when I’m using it too much and I can feel it still, and I know when I’m like, ‘We’re gonna not talk,'” she said.

Fast forward two years later and after several more new hit songs and a concert or two, another scary incident with her vocal cords. In 2017, she had to have another surgery, again, for hemorrhaged vocal cords, but this time she had to go on vocal rest for 3 months. Absolute vocal rest, as in no talking at all. She told a story about how her boyfriend (now fiance) actually learned sign language to talk to her, and just stuck through everything for that time, keeping her company and basically proving that he’s someone all us dudes can take some notes from (ahem).

Now, Meghan says that not only has she stopped drinking alcohol to save her voice, but that her team is always careful to plan her schedule around events and interviews. If she has a day of interviews, she gets a day off afterwards to rest her voice. She’s treating her voice well, drinking tons of water, and even working out to keep everything healthy. “I stopped drinking — I know it hurts your cords. I don’t ever smoke anything, I drink a lot of water and I started eating healthier and working out more… Now mentally and physically, it’s proven to work, so I’m gonna keep doing that…. My team is extra careful now with my schedule now to make sure I have the day off after a long day of interviews and promo because I told them, ‘It seems like after every album cycle, I just have surgery.’ And I can’t live like that because I’m putting out albums the rest of my life. I can’t be doing surgery every year!”, she says. Play it safe, your voice is your career, you have to keep it in good health. Check out some more from the interview here.

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