Meghan Trainor Wants To Start A Family As Soon As Possible

Meghan Trainor admitted that she can’t walk past the diaper aisle without crying. She wants to start a family with fiancé Daryl Sabara as soon as possible.

By Admin on March 2, 2018
meghan trainor
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Marie Claire)

Meghan Trainor is ready to be a mom. She says that she can’t wait to start a family soon with her fiancé Daryl Sabara.

Meghan admitted that she can’t walk by a diaper section in the store without crying:

“I was just walking by diapers and started crying. I’m way too emotional lately. Daryl’s like, ‘You all right?’ and I was like, ‘I feel like we should be buying these’.”

She continued that her mom was also a young mom at 23. Meghan told the Sun:

“My mum was a young mum. She was 23 when she was popping us out and did it all in a row, and my dad was 44. They were 20 years apart, so they were like, ‘Let’s get it going’. So I think it’s in my head that I’m my mother’s age when she had babies. I love how young she is with me and how we’re best friends. I want that with my kids.”

Meghan and Daryl are currently planning their wedding, but want to keep the day itself private. She said:

“We could run away and tell no one – but I want my dad there.”

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