Matt Lauer May Not Be On TV, But He’s In Some Movies

Matt Lauer might have been pulled from our TVs, but he’s still going strong in a couple new movies, one of which was filmed in Sacramento.

By nowproducerdave on December 8, 2017
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

It’s not what it sounds like though.

So we’re all up to speed on Matt Lauer, so I won’t go into details as to why he’s been fired from the “Today” show (check here if you need to be caught up).

His TV career might be over, but he’s still hanging on in a couple Hollywood flicks. He doesn’t have any major roles, but does appear in “Lady Bird” and in another new movie, “I, Tonya.” His appearance simply comes from, in the case of “Lady Bird,” being shown on he family’s television. It’s just for a few seconds, but it’s easily noticeable, and of course has been getting a lot of “gasps” and some laughing from theaters as soon as the shot pops up. Producer David saw the movie here in Sacramento at Tower Theater, and can confirm the same. In “I, Tonya,” Matt is reporting on Nancy Kerrigan’s attack from 1994. It’s just old footage that was used, but it’s still in there.

When asked if the producers of the films would erase the footage from the movie, well, it was determined that it would just be too big of a problem to re-cut those scenes either with different footage, or to edit around the scenes, so it will very likely stay in the films.

Other credits to Matt Lauer’s name include “Zoolander 2,” “Sharknado 3,” “Entourage,” and even appeared in episodes of “Will and Grace,” and “30 Rock.”

Do you think Matt should be removed from the movies now that the scandal has broke?

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