Masked Speaker

By austind03 on January 10, 2022

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Today’s Masked Speaker signed an NDA but is willing to risk it all… with a SECRET confession… Does it still count if your voice is changed? We hope not!


What would you do… if you’re at work… your boss is having an important meeting with the Corporate Big Wigs…when he suddenly bursts out of the door runs straight up to your desk & starts screaming at you??… It happened just a few days ago to one of our listeners and you’ll find out why it went down in a brand new Masked Speaker!


One of our listeners has been crushing on a guy for the last 2 years, and he has no idea what she looks like… but she’s come up with a way of seeing him every day and she’s going to admit it to us for the first time!


One of our listeners started on a slippery slope a year ago and now he can’t get out… and he’s worried the authorities or the FBI might come knocking…


Today’s Masked Speaker CAN’T STAND all the newcomers in the gym in January, so he’s taken it upon himself to force them to quit their resolutions. And he says he doesn’t feel bad at all…