Man Uses His Tesla Car’s ‘Auto Summon’ Feature To Avoid Parking Ticket

A man used a Tesla feature to move parking spots, only he barely had to lift a finger, and didn’t even have to leave his office to do it.

By nowproducerdave on November 7, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

This man is being credited as a sort of genius rule-breaker. So he has a Tesla, the electric car. His car, as well as many of the Teslas in the world, have an “Autopark/Summon” feature. Basically, you hit a button on the remote, and the car will back out of a tight parking spot, or pull into a garage, all by itself.

He drives his car to work, where he has a view of the street-parking. He parks in a spot that is basically right outside of his window. The city where he lives recently started enforcing a 2-hour parking limit, like many areas around town here. Well, his work-around that restriction involves him tapping the “auto summon” button from his desk. He recorded a video of the car slowly backing itself up from one parking spot into another. Thus, he’s getting around the “2-hour limit” his city is enforcing.

Some people are amused by the feature. Others are annoyed by the feature, saying he’s gaining free parking through a shady method. It’s an amusing thing to do once or twice, but if he’s actually doing it over and over, well, your opinion may vary. Here are a couple comments he received:

Elon Musk, the guy who started the company that made the cars, even responded with “cool haha.” He elaborated though.

And so there you go, an innovative use for a feature designed to make parking easier. Now, making getting out of parking tickets easier, apparently. And no, we’re not saying you should do this. Pay the 5 bucks to park. Also, if the spots in front of or behind you are full, it’s not going to work anyway.

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