Man Receives Instant Karma After Peeing On Elevator [VIDEO]

A guy decided to relieve himself in an elevator, and not out of desperation – this was a deliberate ‘Hey guys watch this’ kind of moment.

By nowproducerdave on February 27, 2018
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Not just in the corner of the elevator on the floor or something, he decided he wanted to pee right onto the control buttons that let pick what floor you want. You’ll probably want to carry gloves or at least hand sanitizer with you now. You’re welcome. By the way, the video shows a guy peeing on elevator buttons. It doesn’t show *that,* but, you know, the action is there. Spoiler below, so you can watch the video here first.

The part about the instant karma though – no he wasn’t electrocuted, fortunately. It’s funny karma though, unless you have a fear of being stuck in an elevator that smells like pee. After he finished his business, you see a couple of the buttons start to flash. Almost immediately after that, all the buttons begin malfunctioning as the door opens and closed about an inch, then the lights go out and the whole thing shuts down, trapping him in his own puddle. That’ll certainly make him think twice about doing that outside the comfort of a toilet in the future, we’re sure.

Insert cry-laugh emoji here.

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