Lorde Apologizes For Poorly Used Whitney Houston Quote

Lorde posted a picture of a bathtub, and excited to jump in and relax, she quoted a Whitney Houston song as the caption.

By nowproducerdave on April 6, 2018
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images )

Lorde had to issue an apology after using a Whitney Houston quote at the wrong time. The quote, “And iiii will always love you” was the caption Lorde picked with a picture she uploaded. Problem was that the picture was of a bathtub. Whitney Houston died from drowning in a bathtub.

Let me be the first to say that I can totally see this just being a total mistake done without thinking of all the details. Lorde was excited to take a bath and relax at the end of a day, and the picture of the tub was supposed to be like one of those “I love *thing* so much” sorts of pictures. And of course when we’re thinking of things we love, well, who hasn’t sang that line in their heads at least once? For Lorde, the internet was quick to point out her error, and in natural internet fashion, people quickly accused her of being insensitive. Because, you know, everyone is malicious these days. *rolls eyes* She deleted the original post, but the internet will always have a copy, see that here.

Of course Lorde didn’t mean to do any harm, and she was fast to give what we feel like is a genuine apology, seen on her Instagram story here. Look, this is clearly a genuine mistake, and I know all these people accusing her of doing it on purpose have had foot-in-mouth moments before. We’ve all had a foot-in-mouth moment. It’s just part of being tired, or not thinking clearly, or just the result of some social awkwardness. Hey, it happens. I think the apology is genuine, and all the people hating on her thinking it was meant to be malicious need to take a break from online bullying. See more on the story here.

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