Little Girl Absolutely Wins Halloween With Headless Costume

Halloween costumes are a sort of unofficial competition with anyone else who tries to make a great one, but this girl just won, competition’s over.

By nowproducerdave on October 31, 2018
(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)

This is the best costume I’ve seen in quite a while. Since at least last year, and that was a long time ago. Like, a year. Ahem.

Maya is a little girl from the Philippines, and has one of the best Halloween costumes ever. She’s trick-or-treating as a headless girl, and absolutely pulled it off. LOL, puns. She and her mother worked on the costume, creating a fake torso strapped to her back above her shoulders. Her mother, Krystel, says that the spot where the head “should” be makes for a great candy holder, so she doesn’t even have to carry a bag or pail around. The fake torso has arms that come down and are shaped like they’re holding her head. The head, by the way, appears to be sitting on a platter. Here’s a quick video:

Now, here’s another great part that just ties everything together. Maya’s older sister dressed up as a butcher while they were trick-or-treating together. Presumably, the butcher that rendered Maya “headless.” A totally creative costume, from a totally crafty mom. I hope I’m half that creative when I need to be one day.

Totally nailed it, for sure. Source.

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