Leatherby’s Creamery Creates Disney Inspired Dole Whip Shake

By bonneville on May 20, 2020
Getty Image
Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, Sacramento has a NEW pineapple dessert sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Leatherby’s Creamery is locally famous for homemade ice cream, sauces, cheeseburgers, and more. Not only are they the go-to place on a 100┬░ day but the cure to your Disneyland blues. They announced a NEW shake inspired by Disney’s famous Dole Whip treat out this week!
Leatherby’s Creamery shared on Instagram they’re hosting a Disney Day on Friday, May 22nd to introduce the NEW Dole Whip Shake on their menu! They’re encouraging customers to visit wearing your favorite Mickey ears or Disney inspired costumes to celebrate the release of the new shake! Plus, Leatherby’s Creamery employees will be wearing their Disney best too! The shake looks SO good and is layered with TONS of pineapple, see a pic HERE!

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