Least Favorite Thanksgiving Foods, And What Not To Make

Thanksgiving means a lot of different types of food, and we found this list of Thanksgiving foods that people tend to avoid.

By kmvq on November 15, 2017
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Thanksgiving is just a week away, and we’re starting to plan the dishes we’ll make, schedules, and who’s sitting where at the table. If you’re having a hard time trying to plan what you’re making though, we’ve got you covered, at least with the “what not to make” list.

First, let’s list out what most people tend to dislike on Thanksgiving. I’ll be honest, some of these seem like total staples of the holiday. Then we thought about it and realized that we too tend to avoid an extra spoonfull of a lot of these.

1) The most disliked food for Thanksgiving – Jell-O Salad
2) Coming in a close second position was canned cranberry sauce. I always cringed when I saw that jiggling on the table. Next!
3) Brussels sprouts. …Agreed.
4) Green bean casserole. Well, some people DO love this, but we can see why it’s on the list.
5) Oyster stuffing
6) Corn pudding
7) Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows

Speaking of number 7 above, that’s the one dish that most Chefs tend to agree – you should never make it! They say the reason you shouldn’t make it is because it’s just too sweet. “It’s adding sweet on top of sweet,” says Chef April Bloomfield. “There are so many other satisfying ways to prepare [sweet potatoes].” She says you should add some sort of acidity to the sweet potatoes, and that’ll give a better overall flavor. Michael Synmon, another chef, says that the dish just has no texture to it, sort of like a mush – “just sweet on sweet and soft on soft.” Even Guy Fieri from Food Network says “There‚Äôs nothing I like about it at all.” Apparently back in the 1900s there was a marketing scheme that tried to get people to use more marshmallows for everything, including on top of potatoes.

Back to the list of disliked Thanksgiving foods:
8) Pecan pie. They say to just go with Apple or Pumpkin, they’re more popular.
9) Macaroni and cheese. This may be a favorite, but paired with all the other “thick” foods on Thanksgiving, it’s just too heavy. Also, a little lazy.
10) Ambrosia salad. Yeah, please, just leave the ingredients for that one on the shelf at the store.
11) Dinner rolls. This one we disagree with, everyone loves at least one roll with their plate, and they move quickly, but they’re being called a “filler” since mashed potatoes are on the table with dinner too.
12) Creamed pearl onions.
13) Salad in general. We sort of disagree with this one too. Salad is good, and we here in the NOW studios always tend to have at least a little salad with Thanksgiving.
14) Turkey. Turkey!? Yeah, it turns out that turkey isn’t really everyone’s favorite, with a lot of people skipping out and going for more sides. If you’re cooking the bird, save some cash and go for a smaller one.

What are some of your favorite (and hated) Thanksgiving foods? Did they make the list? What’s on the list that you love? We’re discussing on Facebook here.


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