Lauv on why “Modern Loneliness” — the song, not the mental state — is “everything to me”

Neil Mockford/GC ImagesLauv isn’t letting “Modern Loneliness” get to him in quarantine:  He’s dropped a bunch of remixes of that song, as well as a brand-new music video “El Tejano,” for another track on his debut album ~how i’m feeling~. Lauv r…

By Andrea Dresdale on May 20, 2020

Neil Mockford/GC ImagesLauv isn't letting "Modern Loneliness" get to him in quarantine:  He's dropped a bunch of remixes of that song, as well as a brand-new music video "El Tejano," for another track on his debut album ~how i'm feeling~.

Lauv released nine versions of "Modern Loneliness" remixed by DJs and producers from around the world -- from India to Holland to Brazil -- on a collection called ~how i'm feeling~ (the extras).

The singer says "Modern Loneliness" was a breakthrough for him while writing the album.  "It's so crazy...I remember, like, so clearly, I was in the car with my friend...that day...and we were just on the way to the studio," he tells ABC Audio.

"And I was just like, 'I don't want to write another love song, a breakup song or anything like that at all.' I was like, 'I'm just thinking of more existential.' And then five minutes later, the chorus of 'Modern Loneliness' kind of came to me."

"And...[when] we got to the studio, I feel like every lyric was sort of channeled from this place that I don't even really fully understand," he recalls. "We wrote it in like an hour and it was just, like, really, really intensely emotional for it means everything to me, that song."

The new video for "El Tejano" was shot pre-quarantine in the actual L.A. restaurant that inspired the song.  It features Lauv biting into a hot pepper and then hallucinating a wild night dirty dancing with the waitress. 

At the end, we see that in real life, Lauv's dressed as a chili pepper, standing outside the restaurant holding a sign promoting it -- while trying to catch the eye of a woman across the street dressed as a doughnut. 

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