Kevin Spacey Is Basically Unemployed Now

Netflix has announced their plans for “House of Cards” after writing Kevin Spacey’s character off, as well as another cancelled project.

By kmvq on November 6, 2017
(Photo credit NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

It became official late Friday night, Netflix has essentially fired Kevin Spacey after the scandal has come to light, and they’re scrapping a project that was almost finished that was produced by him as well.

House of Cards” was Kevin’s current big-name piece, and in which he plays a fictional President of the United States. Netflix was rumored to have cancelled the show altogether, but later revealed that they only suspended production during an investigation, and has decided to write Kevin’s character out of the show for the final season. Problem is that they’ve already pretty much finished the story for the season, and have already filmed a couple episodes. How that rewrite is going to work is the mystery, since he’s such, you know, a major part of the story. It seems that, in the book the show is based on, the character does die, so they may have an idea of how it’s happening already.

The project that they’ve scrapped was in post-production, and was getting ready to be released. It was a movie called “Gore” that Netflix was parenting. Kevin not only starred in the movie, but he was producer of the film as well. Filming was complete, and the editing team was working on post production, and getting it closer to a final release when Netflix decided to pull the plug on it.

The scandals are only being revealed against additional stars and executives more quickly, and it really looks like the industry is starting to crack down extremely hard, rightfully so, on these offenders.


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