Kevin Smith Loses 20 Lbs Following Magician Penn Jillette’s Diet [PIC]

Kevin Smith recently had a heart attack that could have potentially ended his life. He’s been diligent about losing weight to stay healthy and he looks great!

By Admin on March 22, 2018
kevin smith
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Clerks director Kevin Smith recently had a heart attack that could have potentially ended his life. As a result, he’s been diligent about losing weight to stay healthy.

Kevin said in his “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast that his doctor ordered him to lose 50 pounds ASAP. In just one month since his hospitalization, he lost 20 pounds! He swears by magician Penn Jillette’s diet lined out in Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear.

The Blast says that the diet starts off with a strict potato-only two weeks. Afterwards, more foods are slowly added to the diet.

Kevin also dropped animal byproducts, much to the delight of his vegan daughter. However, he admitted:

“This doesn’t come from a personal philosophy, this comes from an ‘I have to.’”

Check out Kevin’s weight loss below. He looks great!

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