Kevin Hart On Saturday Night Live: ‘I Didn’t Want A Third Baby’ [VIDEO]

Kevin Hart hosted SNL over the weekend, revealed that he wasn’t excited about having a third baby, and is being called sexist for some jokes.

By nowproducerdave on December 18, 2017
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and in his opening monologue he talked about his past year, and mentioned his new baby, Kenzo, who was just born.

During his monologue, he said that he wasn’t excited to have another baby when he and his wife Eniko were talking about it “in the beginning.” He says that he already has two kids from a previous marriage, and now the he and Eniko were married, that makes them her kids too. He says her response was “I know, but they old. I want new ones.” It’s hilarious, check out the video here:

Kevin is also catching some flack for saying that “moms aren’t fun,” which does sound like a terrible thing to say, especially taken out of the context in which it was said (and no we’re not defending what he said). He says “You have to take your hat off, when it comes to dealing with kids, to the women… Like, you guys do so much. I take my hat off to you… But the one thing that you’re not, the one thing that you’re not, is fun.” He continued saying that the “fun” responsibility falls onto the shoulders of the dads, and went into more speech from there. People are mad at Kevin and saying things like his monologue was sexist, “not good,” “awful,” etc.

Do you think his monologue was sexist and insensitive, or were they merely him telling comedy stories just meant to get a few laughs? Here’s some more on the story.

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