Ketchup Ice Cream Made In Ed Sheeran’s Honor [PIC]

Ed Sheeran is a huge ketchup fan, so this ice cream shop decided to make a ketchup flavored ice cream for him, and it sounds gross.

By nowproducerdave on May 18, 2018
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Yuck, nope, not for me. But hey, if you’re into ketchup, go for it! Ed Sheeran is obsessed with ketchup. Like, tattoo-level obsession, and someone just made a ketchup ice cream for him. Well, not just for him, for everyone, but made it in his honor.

Ed Sheeran’s concert tour just got to the shores of Ireland, so an Irish ice cream shop concocted the flavor for him. They’re offering free cones to people attending one of his shows, too. It’s reportedly made with real ketchup too. I guess they just mix it in with the process somehow. It took a few attempts, according to the shop owner. Ketchup contains salt, and it would just start melting the ice cream right away, he says. But they really used ketchup to make the new flavor. Here’s a picture of a scoop, plus Ed Sheeran’s ketchup tattoo:

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The shop also offers some other interesting flavors, like a “Gin & Tonic” and a “Blue Bubblegum.” What’s the strangest ice cream flavor you’ve ever tried? I’ll be honest, I haven’t experimented much, but I do enjoy a good old Vanilla, plus a cookie dough and birthday cake batter flavor. I haven’t tried a pickle flavor or anything like that.

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