Katy Perry Does The Weirdest Thing We’ve Seen Her Do [VIDEO]

Katy Perry appeared on a Japanese TV show and took part in some sort of a competition in which she filled her mouth with chicken nuggets.

By nowproducerdave on March 30, 2018
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Katy Perry appeared on a Japanese TV show, and was taking part in some sort of a, uh, contest we think? To be totally honest, the clip makes absolutely zero sense to me. In the clip, Katy is seen cramming as many chicken nuggets into her mouth as she could fit. Apparently she made it through an entire pack, and we guess one more from another pack? Anyway, here’s the video:

I just can’t even understand what’s happening, and a quick Google search doesn’t even seem to show any more information about this particular contest either. What we do know is that it’s actually a TV morning news show, and they just happened to set up a game show style event for Katy to take part in. The nuggets she was seen eating are from some popular convenience store that’s in Japan. The nuggets come in multiple flavors, and are a big hit – both in Japan and with Katy, who reportedly loved them. “I love them so much,” she said. We can’t speak or read Japanese, so translating anything that’s happening just isn’t possible. Anyone out there venture to try? Let us know what you discover.

Anyway like we said, this is probably one of the most strange things we’ve ever seen her do. She does love snacks though, and said in the past that she keeps various snacks behind the desk while filming “American Idol.” Maybe she’ll start to keep some nuggets there too. Not her dog, Nugget, actual chicken nuggets. See a little more about the Japanese TV show here.

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