Parts Of Katy Perry’s Secret Testimony In Kesha Case To Become Public

Despite Katy Perry’s lawyers fight to prevent it, a judge ruled that parts of the private testimonies from Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will become public as part of the case between Dr. Luke and Kesha.

By austind03 on August 27, 2018
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Katy Perry just lost a legal battle to keep her testimony private in the Kesha and Dr. Luke court case.

According to Spin, Kesha has been in a legal battle with producer Dr. Luke since 2014, after she claimed he repeatedly raped and harassed her throughout her career.

Perry’s involvement in the court battle only became public recently when it came out that she provided a deposition. It turns out that Kesha told fellow singer Lady Gaga in a text message that Dr. Luke had also raped Perry. The singer, who also worked with the producer throughout her career, denies he ever assaulted her.

All this information came out in June as part of the producer’s defamation counter-lawsuit against Kesha. His lawyers wants the testimony unsealed to help his defense in the case.

However, Perry’s lawyers tried keep whatever the singer said from going public. Katy Perry, whose real name is Katheryn Hudson, had her lawyers give a statement, saying:

“The sealing of Ms. Hudson’s deposition testimony is particularly appropriate because disclosure — in light of her public profile — obviously could unfairly affect and even cause ‘significant harm’ to her ‘career and reputation. Because of her high-profile status as an artist, advocate and role model, Ms. Hudson is vulnerable to ‘gossip column’ frenzy aimed at exaggerating salacious matters having little to nothing to do with the merits — whatever they may be — of the substantive, material issues in this case.”

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Unfortunately for her, Radar Online reports that the court ordered the release of parts of her deposition. In total, pages 1-4 of the deposition’s transcript will become public. On top of that, portions of Lady Gaga’s testimony will also be unsealed for the defamation case.

With no word yet on how this will affect the legal battle, we will have to wait and see what happens going forward.

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