Katy Perry's Kick-Butt Covers

By Doug Lazy on August 10, 2010

Katy Perry Hot Photo

Yesterday, to prep you for [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm]’s August 24th streaming concert on Live on Letterman, we brought you a list of bands covering Katy. Well, turn around is fair play, so today we have our 5 favorite songs that Katy has covered, including [lastfm]Queen[/lastfm], [lastfm]Fountains of Wayne[/lastfm], and more.

5. “Don’t Stop Me Now” [lastfm]Queen[/lastfm]
Pulling off a good [lastfm]Queen[/lastfm] cover is no small feat, but Katy and company do Freddie and the boys proud with their version of “Don’t Stop Me Now” at the Hurricane Festival in Germany. We’d like to think the festival is named in tribute to German rockers [lastfm]The Scorpions[/lastfm]’ “Rock Me Like a Hurricane,” but it probably isn’t.

4. “Black and Gold” [lastfm]Sam Sparro[/lastfm]
Katy and her band stripped it down in-studio for this haunting rendition of [lastfm]Sam Sparro[/lastfm]’s 2008 underground hit “Black and Gold.” The acoustic performance is so intimate, we’re pretty sure you can hear Katy batting her eyelashes as percussion.

3. “Hackensack” [lastfm]Fountains of Wayne[/lastfm]
Before performing [lastfm]Fountain’s of Wayne[/lastfm]’s song “Hackensack,” Katy said she thinks it’s a “perfectly written pop song,” and she can relate to the feeling of getting off the road and having someone there for you, but, hey, even people like us who don’t tour the world singing in blue wigs can appreciate the song’s message too.

2. “Use Your Love” [lastfm]The Outfield[/lastfm]
[lastfm]The Outfield[/lastfm] released “Use Your Love” in 1986, and then twenty one years later, Katy reworked a few lyrics and put it on her 2007 EP “Ur So Gay,” completely making the track her own. Katy even has the good sense to thank the mothers at her shows for creating her crowd in the 80s.

1. “Electric Feel” [lastfm]MGMT[/lastfm]
[lastfm]MGMT[/lastfm]’s “Electric Feel” fits Katy Perry like a sequin covered glove bedazzled with cherries. Hopefully, someday soon we’ll see her join MGMT, Billy Bob, and the rest of the Showbiz Pizza gang, like in the original video.

Need more Katy? Of course you do. Come back here on August 24, 2010 (5pm PT/8pm ET) for an exclusive online concert the very same day her album Teenage Dream drops!

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