Justin Bieber To The Rescue!

Justin Bieber took out a guy who was strangling a woman at a Coachella party, and I want to shake his hand.

By nowproducerdave on April 16, 2018
(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

You go, Bieber! While at a Coachella party over the weekend, Justin Bieber saw a man grabbing a woman by the throat. Bieber jumped in and took the guy down with a solid punch to the face.

According to the story, Justin was hanging out with his buddy Patrick Schwarzenegger. They stopped by a party that quickly got out of hand when another random dude showed up. They say that the random guy spotted a woman across the party, and then “went ballistic.” He took off, yelling and screaming at the woman before grabbing her by the neck. Bieber and Schwarzenegger were yelling at the guy to let go, before Bieber stepped in and took the guy down. Justin punched the guy in the face, and then threw him against the wall, allowing the woman to break free.

People at the party say the man looked like he was on one or more drugs. There were also a couple reports that the man was seen later chasing after an SUV screaming out Justin’s name. We’re assuming that Justin was in the SUV, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Anyway, after hitting the SUV a couple times (presumably with his hands/fists), the man WAS arrested by police. Handshake to you, Mr. Bieber, for taking out a clearly abusive guy who needed to be taken down a couple notches. Hopefully there aren’t any future problems because of it (more personally between the guy and Justin than legal issues – I don’t think Bieber will be charged with assault or anything), and big props for stepping in. Check out a little more about the party here, and a picture of Bieber in attendance.

UPDATE: 11am – Justin will not be charged. The guy who was arrested isn’t pressing charges, and also, police can’t confirm that Justin hit anyone at all anyway. Also, there are no witnesses coming forward to police to support either side of the case, so the guy who was reported as arrested in the first place wasn’t actually arrested at all anyway. Details on that here.

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