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Justin Bieber Back Together With His Ex?

Justin Bieber was spotted with an ex over the weekend, but it wasn’t Selena Gomez (hint, it was Hailey Baldwin).

Hailey Baldwin is that ex. Though they were never officially “exclusive,” they were pretty much “a thing” a few years ago. Anyway, the two were just spotted in Miami over the weekend. Justin and Hailey went to church together in the morning on Sunday, then spent the day together, ending up at a club Sunday night. With a shirtless swim earlier in the weekend. Wait, what?

Their weekend together began Friday night. Throughout the weekend, they were basically inseparable. Saturday was spent in the water, and afterwards the two were photographed on the balcony of their hotel close together as she helped him towel off. Now, I have friends, and none of them have ever helped me towel off. Just saying. No word on if they had separate rooms, so we’ll just leave that there. Sunday morning was spent at church.

Sunday evening is where we get some more details from some witnesses. The two had dinner at a fancy restaurant, called “Casa Tua.” It was called a romantic dinner, and after Googling that place, it certainly looks more pleasure than business. After dinner, they hit a spot called LIV Nightclub. Witnesses there say they were close, flirty, and not shy. Full witness report says they were “being veery [SIC] flirty and dancing on each other… [and] holding hands… Justin [put] his arm around Hailey throughout the night… [They] didn’t shy away from the crowd or onlookers.” Reports are they left the club around 3:20am or so. Check out more info on the rendezvous here.


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