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Are The Jonas Brothers Getting Back Together? Here Are Reunion Clues

Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the Jonas Brothers might be reviving the band. Fans are going crazy at the hope of a reunion!

There have been a few small things happening that are making fans think that the Jonas Brothers might be back.

The brothers split up the group in 2013 to go their separate ways. Nick Jonas went solo, Joe Jonas joined a band, DNCE, and Kevin focused on home life. They’ve all been very happy and successful since the disbanding, but… maybe they’ll be making new music together? (Fingers crossed!)

Here’s why people think so, according to Buzzfeed:

First, the Jonas Brothers Instagram is back up.

Of course, it’s only following three accounts, the three members’ accounts.

Second, Ryan Liestman, the band’s backing musician, posted a photo captioned “Family reunion” on Instagram shortly after.

Seeing as the boys are family, maybe it’s not too far-fetched to think a reunion could happen? Even if it just means one song, we’re all for it!

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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