Jimmy Kimmel Gave World Series Tickets To His Son’s Heart Surgeon

I’m sure Jimmy wants to give this doctor every gift in the world. World Series tickets are a good start.

By kmvq on November 9, 2017
(Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images)

Who could forget the emotional opening monologue from Jimmy Kimmel after his son was born? He told his audience his now 6 month old son, Billy was born with a heart defect that required immediate surgery and then again 6 months later. That’s why he had guest hosts all last week, Billy was supposed to go back in for another surgery but it was postponed¬†¬†because everyone in the family had colds. You can hear him talking about that here….

US Weekly is reporting that Jimmy gave the Doctor who operated on Billy tickets to the World Series. That Doctor gave Jimmy and his family the gift of life, I’m sure he’d give him anything he wanted.

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