Jennifer Lopez Making New Leggings To ‘Make The Booty Look Good’ [PIC]

Jennifer Lopez has partnered with a workout gear company, and is now offering some pants that, quote, “make the booty look good.”

By nowproducerdave on August 23, 2018
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for MTV)

Jennifer Lopez is a music icon. She’s smart in the business, has touched nearly everything in the entertainment industry, and produces TV shows. In addition to being a TV personality, she was an actress even before getting into music. Not to mention she’s known for her beauty.

Relating to the whole beauty thing, now she’s working on a clothing line. She’s partnered up with Niyama Sol, which is a “sustainable clothing brand.” They make athleisure clothing and workout gear. She’s releasing some stretchy pants, as well as a line of matching sports bras. There are several designs to pick from, including pants that have lyrics printed on them, as well as album covers. There’s also one that comes with photos of Jennifer Lopez and some of her family vacation pictures.

Now to the “Making the booty look good” portion. JLo herself said that they make her butt look great in an Instagram post, using “#whentheleggingsmakethebootylookgood.”

The pants are available now if you want to have some album covers on your legs. The sports bras are also available now in their online shop. Check out some more info and a couple more pictures over here.

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