Jennifer Garner Took Her Pet Chicken For A Walk [PIC]

Jennifer Garner felt like going on a walk, and she wanted to bring her pet chicken with her, so she leashed her up and off they went.

By kmvq on November 7, 2017
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

I mean, who hasn’t taken a chicken for a walk?

Jennifer Garner posted a picture to her Instagram account last night of her on a walk with her pet chicken. The chicken, named Regina George (after the “Mean Girls” character), was wearing a full-on leash with a harness. In the caption, she says “Meet one of our ladies, 🐔Regina George. Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, and kale. Regina hates….carbs.”

Don’t we all, chicken. Don’t we all. Check out the picture below.

It’s fun to joke about, but it’s really not the first time we’ve heard of someone with a pet chicken. Do you have a chicken? A bunch?

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