I’ve Heard Of Trust Falls, But This Trust Skydive Takes The Chute [VIDEO]

This couple did their own version of a trust fall out of a perfectly good airplane, and she rode on her guy’s back most of the way down.

By nowproducerdave on September 11, 2018
(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

So we all know the trust fall. That classic team building exercise where you turn around and fall backwards, “trusting” that someone will catch you. Now you’re thinking back to that time in the 9th grade when your classmates thought they’d be funny and then you spent the night at the hospital and missed the chance to ask your crush out to the spring formal. Nevermind.

This couple took the whole trust thing to the next level. It’s not exactly a “trust fall” per the usual definition, but there has to be some level of trust, I would hope. I’d never be like, “hey stranger, let me hop on your back and jump out of a plane!” Oops, I guess I spoiled the video a little bit. That’s the basics of the story, anyway. The couple is actually well-trained in skydiving and clearly have had multiple dives over the years.

So the guy was wearing a wingsuit – which is one of those agility suits. Some people wear those and “fly” through canyons and trees at speeds that would make a Formula One racer embarrassed. She was wearing a parachute, but she jumped out of the plane with her guy while riding on his back. SO she literally sat on his back as they left the plane, falling towards the earth. Check out the video, it’s pretty exhilarating, and makes me appreciate this chair that I’m sitting in.

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