Interesting Things People Are Betting On For The Big Game

People are betting money on the Super Bowl; not just who will win, but on everything about it including the color of Pink’s hair

By nowproducerdave on January 26, 2018
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

The big game. You know, the big game. Super Bowl. There, we said it.

Anyway, more than just who might win the game, people are betting on all sorts of things. What color will Pink’s hair be? What songs with Justin Timberlake sing during halftime? What guests will be there with him? Check out just some of the things that people are placing bets on below, pulled from the website here, and the over/under associated with each one. Of course we’re not condoning gambling, just presenting the info of the sorts of things people are throwing money down on. It also could be a fun game you can play in hour house while you’re witching with family and friends.

Odds on the color of P!nk’s Hair
-Pink: 2/1
-Green: 5/2
-Black: 6/1
-White: 11/1
-Red, White & Blue: 20/1

Odds Justin Timberlake’s halftime show includes the song …
-Can’t Stop the Feeling: 1/9
-My Love: 1/3
-SexyBack: 1/3
-Filthy: 1/1
-Supplies: 3/2
-Rock Your Body: 2/1

Odds Justin Timberlake’s halftime show includes …
-One full Prince Song: 3/2
-Two full Prince Songs: 50/1
-A medley of Prince Songs: 9/2
-No Prince Songs: 4/1

Anyway, there’s a lot, from who will score the first touchdown to what color tie the broadcasters will be wearing. It really could be a fun game to play at home – loser gets the next drink refills or snack plate. Check out all the odds here.

We’re curious though – will Pink drop in on a trapeze swing or something crazy like that? She has a history of performing while doing acrobatic maneuvers. We’ll see.

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