Ikea Advertisement Doubles As Pregnancy Test

Ikea has released a print advertisement in a magazine that doubles as an at-home pregnancy test and will give you a discount on baby furniture.

By nowproducerdave on January 10, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Yeah, you read that correctly. This Ikea advertisement doubles as a pregnancy test.

The ad is for cribs and other baby furniture, and the ad is printed with, and contains, the same kind of material/chemical that’s used for home pregnancy tests. You do your thing on the page, and within a few minutes, presto! If you’re pregnant, the ad will reveal a special price, sort of like a coupon. A peepon.

When you get over how gross that is, just remember that the ad is running in a Swedish magazine only so far. And yeah, go check out the info here. It’s really a sort of “technological achievement” kind of thing, partnered with Ikea, and will ultimately help the medical community.

Just, you know, put it in a ziplock and give your cashier a pair of gloves. You know, because pee. And wash your hands.

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