I want to help you find the cheapest gas in town!

By Doug Lazy on August 17, 2010

Its Brian, and I know that times are tough for everyone, I cut back my spending to the absolute minimum and gas is a huge expense for me and I always look for the lowest price around town. I decided to put a list together where you can find the cheapest gas in your area. Maybe it will save you some time and hopefully some hard earned money.

Here are four locations where you can find the cheapest gas prices. Now, I got these prices through re-search because I wanted to help you out. If you get there and the price is different than what information I gathered, well I am sorry, what can I say.. I tried.

If this works for you and you like it I will keep doing it and if you want me to branch out to other cities just let me know- Brian

$2.89   Franklin Blvd & 25th Sacramento 95820

$2.99   Riverside Ave & Cirby Roseville 95678

$2.99   Madison Ave & Hazel Fair Oaks 95628

$ 2.95  E Stockton Blvd & Rangeview Ln Sacramento 95823

All prices listed are for Regular Unleaded (the cheap stuff)

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