Hottest Toy Of 2017 Already Being Marked Up From $15 to $180

This toy is pretty basic, but good luck finding it and paying store value for it this holiday season.

By kmvq on November 6, 2017
(Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

I’ve been out of the toy game for a while, but in my prime toy playing time, I remember Tickle-Me Elmo’s and Furby’s (which made a comeback in 2012) were all the rage around the holidays. Even then, toys that were normally in the $$ price range, would go up to the $$$ price range because of high demand. People will buy the toys in the store for the store price when they see they are a hot commodity and then jack the price way up around the holidays. Kids want it, parents will pay for it. Last year it was Hatchimals this year, it’s Fingerlings.

Haven’t heard of them? Let me break it down for you. These little finger sized plastic monkeys were selling for as little as $14.99 at places like Walmart and Best Buy but now, good luck finding them at that price, or finding them at all.

Fingerlings sit on your finger and respond to touch, motion and sound. They each have a name- Zoe, Mia, Finn, Boris, Bella, Sophie, and Gigi are just a few. There are also accessories that can be purchased with these Fingerlings like monkey bars and other playground activities but good luck finding those. You can see what they look like HERE. I just tried to order one for kicks on the site and I can’t find any that are available. YIKES. Happy hunting.

SOURCE: Moneyish 

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