So A Horse Walks Into A Bar, And Luckily Nobody Was Hurt [VIDEO]

A horse being walked to a horse race got loose from her handler, and ran straight into a sports bar, sending terrified patrons running.

By nowproducerdave on October 2, 2018
(Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

A scary situation happened in Chantilly, France last week. A horse being walked through town got loose from her handler, and ran into a bar. The bar was open at the time, and people in the bar were sent running in all sorts of directions. Nobody seems to have been injured in the incident, luckily.

There was a big horse race in France, and the handler, Jean-Marie Beguignem, was walking the horse from the stable to the track. This horse apparently has a history of running off, and she did just that when she had an opportunity to get free. She must have seen an open door, and went straight for it. Inside that doorway was this sports bar where there were some patrons. The horse runs in, on camera, and patrons get up and start running. They dodge out of the way of the bucking horse, who runs to the back of the bar, out of camera. Then a few seconds later, she runs back to the front, sending the remaining patrons running again.

Have you ever been surprised by an animal somewhere it shouldn’t have ever been? What happened?

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