Need More Holdiay Decorations? Try Christmas Light Phone Chargers!

Target is offering special phone chargers for people in the holiday spirit. These chargers come with Christmas lights that glow when phones are charging.

By NathanG on December 5, 2018
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Looking for more ways to brighten up your home with holiday cheer? Target has you covered with their Christmas light phone chargers!

According to BestProducts, Target has released a special phone charger, for people looking to add a little more festivity to their life. This special chord is called the “Merry Charger”, and comes covered in its own Christmas lights. The charger is 5.16 inches long, with 10 LED lights that glow when plugged in. The Merry Charger will reportedly cost $14, and be compatible with iPhones.

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In addition to the charger at Target, Nordstrom Rack is offering their own holiday chargers. Nordstrom’s option is a 9.64 inch iPhone charger that comes in silver. Instead of the traditional Christmas lights, this charger has white snowflakes that glow when the phone charges. This option will reportedly cost around $13.

What do you think of these new holiday decorations? Will you be picking one up to show off your Christmas spirit?

To read more about these Christmas light chargers, click here.

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