Highest Paid Actresses of 2009

By Doug Lazy on August 3, 2010


Forbes put together a list of Hollywoods top paid Leading Ladies of 2009, and although she may have had a rough year, Sandra Bullock topped the list. With her Romantic comedy “The Proposal” grossing $320 Million, on an estimated budget of $40 Million, and then “The Blind Side” hit theatres 5 months later, and grossed $310 Million on an estimated budget of $30 Million. Between the two films, Sandra Bullock earned $56 Million between June 2009 and June 2010.  Want to know who else made the list? Click more for number 2-5.

Reese Witherspoon comes in at 2nd, with a take of $32 Million last year. Reese hasn’t been seen on screen since 2008, but comes in at 2nd with upfront pay from 2  films, “How do you Know” and the film adaptation of  “Water for Elephants”.

Cameron Diaz ties Reese Witherspoon for second place, also making $32 Million. She is one of the highest paid actresses with films like “Knight and Day”, and she will also be able to count on that “Shrek” money well into retirement. The “Shrek” films have earned $2.8 billion at global box office.

Jennifer Aniston takes 3rd. Making $27 million, depsite having some box office duds. She is still Hollywoods romantic comedy go-to girl, plus she is still making money from “Friends”. Jennifer also recently launched her our perfume line.

Rounding out the top 5 is Sarah Jessica Parker with $25 Million. Not only does she still make money from Sex and the City’s syndication, but also from this years “Sex and the City 2” which grossed $280 Million at the global box office. Sarah also has her own perfume line, which has been a big seller.

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