Here’s Why Easter Isn’t In Your iPhone’s Calendar

It looks like the recent iPhone updates caused some holidays to be erased from your iCal, and there doesn’t seem to be a fix yet.

By nowproducerdave on February 21, 2018
(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Did you notice? If you have an iPhone, open your iCal, and look forward on your calendar to easter. Is it there? Probably not, if you did the recent update. In iOS version 11.2.5, users are reporting the absence of Easter Sunday. Easter 2018 falls on April 1st, or April Fools Day, and some people were assuming that it was some sort of glitch, but if you do some more digging, there’s another reason.

In the calendar, you can select different types of holidays to display. For example, you can pick “US Holidays,” and see Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, etc. You can pick different religious holidays as well, such as Jewish holidays, or Islamic, etc. What’s interesting is that the “Christian Holidays” option has disappeared from the list of options in this new update. If you haven’t updated yet, you probably still have it, but update now and you’ll probably lose it.

After doing some digging, it seems like the issue has been around for a few months, with one iPhone user reporting the missing holiday back in December, but now that it’s getting some big-time media attention, we think Apple might push a new update pretty soon, so if you haven’t updated yet, maybe hold off. If you have already updated, well, we hope the new update comes soon for you.

So no, Easter wasn’t cancelled, and no, it’s not some sick April Fools prank. Source.

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