Her body truly is a wonderland…it makes you wonder what the hell she was/is thinking!!!

By Doug Lazy on August 20, 2010

Dude, this one makes me sick to my stomach, and thankfully those close to Mayer say its all false.

As I announced during Thursday nights show, there is a rumor going around that John is trying to hook up with the queen bee of fictional celebrities; Heidi Montag. Here is a quote from the ever so reliable source Hollywire.com  “A source opened up to the mag, saying: “John has already started flirting and asking her out. She’s flattered, but not yet convinced. He’s very good-looking and charming, but his reputation is a bit of a turn-off.”  Are you reading what I just read? Did that say that his rep is a bit of a turn off!  Lets bring you up to date on this piece of work; was on a reality show, married an even bigger dummy than herself, became an f- list celebrity and the joke of Hollywood, just recently filed for divorce, and in case you didn’t notice she has buried herself in debt from the numerous surgeries to become entirely made of plastic. Here is my theory, and it wouldnt be the first time this has happened in Hollywood, Heidi’s tiny little spot light is about to burn out, what better way to fan the flames than to start some interesting rumors. This is how publicists make money on people who lack talent. Clearly I will eat my own words if this turns out to be real, but I am giving John the benefit of the doubt, besides, this is what Gossipcop.com had to report:  “A source close to Mayer describes the story as “total” bull to Gossip Cop.”  And if you were wondering, yes Heidi’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan was the man killed in a crash on the PCH Monday. I read that he was tweeting while driving… so don’t do that. So what do you think of this whole rumor? -Brian

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