Held For Ransom, This Dognapped Pug Was Rescued In A Sting Operation

Like the plot for a crime drama show, this pug was not only dognapped, but a ransom was demanded and a police sting was planned.

By nowproducerdave on July 2, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

It sounds like a plot for an evening crime hit on TV, but it really happened. A pug was dognapped, held for ransom, and wound up getting rescued in an intricate sting operation. It went down like a movie, and it was very involved. We’ll explain it below.

Bailey the pug disappeared from his home, and was gone for a couple days. On the second day, the family received a phone call from someone claiming to know where the dog was. Of course the family was interested and wanted to know where. They weren’t dumb though, and got the police involved. It clearly sounded pretty odd. The police were working with the family after the “money” phone call, which we’ll get to later. The person on the phone agreed to meet up to reveal where the dog was being held. After getting that first call, things got complicated. The family met the woman who called at a local store. She was nervous, and gave them another address to go to.

Once at that address, the family met a man who took their phone number. 30 minutes later, the phone rang. There was a different man on the phone with a new location to go to. He wanted $150 and to meet them behind a dumpster with the info. They agreed to meet at a coffee shop. Once there, they got another call (text actually) with a different location to meet. Fast forward to the new location, with police watching from a safe distance, the dognapper was busted after walking towards the family who was holding the money. As soon as police descended on the situation, the dognapper revealed exactly where Bailey was being held. It’s quite the crime for $150, but the pug, Bailey, was found completely safe and returned to the family. Check out some more details here.

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