Handing Out Pot Brownies Is No Way To Win Homecoming Queen

A teen made marijuana brownies, and not only gave them to her school’s football team, but used them to try and gain votes to be elected homecoming queen.

By nowproducerdave on October 4, 2018
(Photo by Shannon O’Hara/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)

A high school girl was busted for handing out pot brownies in effort to gain homecoming votes. She might be popular after that, but you can’t exactly be crowned if you get expelled..

It happened in Michigan, where only medical use is legal. The girl in question is just 17 years old, and she baked some pot brownies to use in her campaign. Initially, the brownies were for the football team, for which the baker is a cheerleader. The leftover brownies then were distributed to other students in effort to gain homecoming votes. Some tipsters let the Principal know what was happening via an app called “OK2Say.” That app allows people to send anonymous information. The Principal notified police, and the police then got involved.

In total, there were twelve brownies circulating. So far, they’ve only “recovered” three of those twelve. They’re still searching high and low for the remaining nine. The three that were recovered have been sent for testing. They want to talk to the teen who made/distributed the brownies, but she and her mother are out of town. The officer working on the incident says “she and her mother are out of state right now for what they’re calling a family emergency.” Yeah, “family emergency.” No word on the teen’s homecoming status, either.

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